Quick Bail Instructions.

1. Be able to inform the agent which jail the defendant is in. Or if they are turning themselves in where will they be going.

2. What is the bond amount and charge(s).

3. Make sure to have the persons full legal name (correct spelling if asked).

4. Have the persons correct Date Of Birth.

5. Make sure to leave a good contact number with the agent if they have to contact you back.


1. Follow the quick bail instructions from the above list.

2. Call Us:  Main office 252-937-6908  or 1-877-412-JAIL(5245)

3. Have the bond fee. Bond fees can be discussed with the agent when you make contact.

4. Have a cosigner.

Reasons A Bond Can Be Forfeited

Specified in NC G.S. 58-71-167.

1. Willfully fails to pay premium to surety or willfully fails to make a premium payment under the agreement.

2. Changes his or her address without notifying the surety before the address change.

3. physically hide from the surety.

4. Leaves the state without permission of the surety.

5. Violates any order of the court.

6. Is untruthful about criminal record or number of failure to appears on record.

7. Knowingly provides the surety with the incorrect personal identification, or uses a false name or alias.

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